The website for Wolds Lacemakers.

Hello and Welcome to the website for Wolds Lacemakers.

We are a group of Lacemakers based in and around Hull, East Yorkshire


We are a very friendly and extremely active group of lacemakers.... including bobbin and needlelace, knitted, tatted or crochet lace, based at the southern end of the Yorkshire Wolds, in the area around Hull, although we do have members from great distances away!

The group formed back in 1985, and March 2015 heralded our 30th Annual General Meeting! Our Founder, Maureen states: "It only seems like 5 minutes since the Society was set up. We are now looking forward to our 30th year of Lacemaking!

Meetings are held 4 times a year (January, March, May and November) in the Marist Church Hall. If you are using a SatNav, the postcode is: HU5 2DH It's very easy to find, and if you need a map, just click HERE!

We also hold an Annual Lace Day in September in the same Hall. We also frequently attend various other events throughout East Yorkshire. Watch out for these on our events Page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.