Wolds Lacemakers was set up in March 1985 by the founder Chairman Maureen Bromley, with some of her lace colleagues, as she felt that there was a need for a Lace Society in the area. The Society originally met at Halls around the area of Hull and East Yorkshire (which was then known Humberside) for the first year but it was decided that it would be better if the group met in one place.

The meetings were then held at Swanland Village Hall but when the hall became too small to hold the members wishing to attend, it transferred its meetings a St John's Newland, then to its current venue of Marist Church Hall, behind Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Cottingham Road, Hull.

There is a newsletter which is issued four times a year which contains articles, details of upcoming events, details of the committee, usually patterns and a competition are also included.

The Society’s annual Lace Day is currently held in September, also at Marist Church Hall. It had been held in Hessle Town Hall for a number of years. Subsequently, the Lace Day was then transferred to the Army Transport Museum at Beverley for a number of years before being moved to Hessle. The Lace Day moved to its current venue in 2015. Speakers vary from the anecdotes of a bobbin maker to talks on antique lace with many other 'crafts' in between. Suppliers are also in attendance.

There was an annual lace competition held in May, named the Elma Collier Lace Competition after one of the members of the group, when those attending the meeting voted on their favourite piece of lace entered by putting money into a box. The piece of lace that had the most money on was the winner who received a pair of bobbins inscribed “In memory of Elma Collier Competition”. The money raised was then donated to the Charity of the winner’s choice. The last one of these competitions was held in May 2011.

The Society entered the “Rings & Roundels” competition in the mid eighties with the then committee members designing patterns which where then made into a mobile. Unfortunately the lace did not win. However you can see the 'finished article' if you ask!!

After that the Society then decided that it would ask the members to make a 3” square in lace. There were enough squares to make a banner which is displayed at all the Society’s events. All the lace pieces are square, apart from two pieces, one is the Lincolnshire Imp and the other is a circular piece of lace in Milanese which is of a fish. The Society logo is also on the banner. A thumb sized photo of this banner is shown on the left.

All are welcome to attend both the meetings and the Lace Day.

Maureen Bromley
Founder of Wolds Lacemakers

P.s. We will be over 30 years old at the start of Hull being the City of Culture in 2017! Our 30th anniversary of the inaugural meeting was held in 2015. Watch for News!