Wolds Lacemaker's recomended sites

The Lace Guild

The Lace Guild is the largest organization for lacemakers in the British Isles, and our membership is international. Our aims are to provide information about the craft of lacemaking, its history and use; to promote a high standard of lacemaking; and to encourage design, development and professional presentation of lace.

Sixpenny Bobbins

Sixpenny Bobbins is a small manufacturer and sales company specialising in quality hand made wood turned products, including Lace Bobbins, Lace Tools, Jewellery and Pens. Additionally Sixpenny can supply spangling equipment, giving you the option to personalise your own bobbins with our range of beads and charms.  They are also members of Wold Lacemakers!

Jo Firth Lacemaking

Here at Jo Firth Lacemaking and Needlecraft Supplies, we can supply Beginners Kits, Beads from Mill Hill, Gutermann and Delica, Threads in all colours for all needs, possibly the best selection of needles in the country, a selection of cross stitch, canvas work and beading kits, jewellery wires in many colours, and all those little sundries which people say "I've been looking for one of those for ages!".

The Guild of Needlelaces

The Guild of Needle Laces was founded in 1983 by a group of the late Nenia Lovesey's students, Nenia, who came from a family of lace makers, was one of the few people responsible for the recent resurgence in various needle laces throughout the world.

Wonderful Lace by Lorelei Halley

This website is for those who love to make lace, who want to learn lace making, or who love to collect lace.; Special emphasis goes to bobbin lace, (Lorelei's speciality), but also to needle lace, pulled thread work and Hardanger embroidery. You will find descriptions of the working methods of many forms of hand made lace, and lessons for bobbinlace, pulled thread embroidery (also called drawn fabric embroidery) and Hardanger embroidery. Lorelei has included information on books for needlelace, as well as links to a tutorial. There are many photos of antique lace, and of laces made by living lace makers, or designed by living lace designers. For those interested in lace identification, her aim is to increase your understanding of the structure of the various laces, and thereby increase your enjoyment of the objects you love.

Mainly Lace

Bobbin Lace Suppliers - Lace Making Classes Lace Making Supplies. Mainly Lace are a supplier of bobbin lace making equipment. We stock everything from bobbins and beads, patterns and pins, books and a comprehensive range of threads.

Pat and Barbara have over 25 years experience of lace making expertise and are also some of the country's most sought after lace teachers and speakers. The team from Mainly Lace travel extensively across the British Isles giving demonstrations, attending Lace Days and Suppliers Fairs and even supporting museums and collection holders with their bobbin lace.

So take a look and see how we can help you with your lace.

This site is constantly being updated but if you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us at Mainly Lace and we shall try our best to help you.

Needle Lace Talk

For those who want to learn needlelace. Learn how to make needle lace, find a needle lace tutorial or online needle lace lessons. This site includes: Merletto ad ago, punto in aria Nadelspitze La Dentelle a l'aiguille Talk about and study the construction details of historic needle laces. Distinguish different types of needle lace. Design modern creative needle lace. Contemporary needle lace Needle lace stitches This network is for true needlelace. Specific styles include Venetian Gros Point, Point de Gaze, Alencon, Point de Sedan, point de France, rose point, point de neige, coralline, aemilia ars, reticello, and the knotted needle laces such as puncetto, bebilla & knotted Mediterranean needle laces. We also include filet lace and the sol laces.

International Old Lacers Inc (IOLI)

A volunteer, Non-profit association of people who share an interest in the beauty and intrigue of lace.
Come join us to:

  • Make Lace: Study and recreate historic old laces, or design and make contemporary pieces.
  • Study Antique Laces: To identify and appreciate inherited pieces or enjoy the history and beauty of ancient museum pieces.
  • Collect Old Lace: To preserve examples of craftsmanship of ages gone by.

Ring of Tatters

The Ring of Tatters is an organisation which supports and promotes the craft of tatting.  It encourages people to learn how to tat, and also encourages both new and experienced tatters to enjoy their craft and develop their skills.  To find out more, please visit their site.